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The set contains:

  1. Bath salts with lavender essential oil and Pomorie lye 100g.
  2. Dry Lavender blossoms (Lavandula angustifolia) 5 g,
  3. Perfume essence Lavender 2 ml.

Fragrances have a specific effect on the condition of the body and the spirit. They can help you quickly recover your strength after a tense and full of physical and mental fatigue day.

  • Lavender essential oil salts have a strong relaxing, anti-stress, pain relieving and disinfecting action. Suitable for relaxing the whole body for a healthy and relaxed sleep.
  • The dry lavender, with a pleasant aroma of oil-bearing lavender. Hand-picked by the gardens near the town of Kazanlak.
  • Perfume essence Lavender can be used to flavor dry blossoms or as a roomy perfume.

Directions for use: Fill the bath with warm water. Pour the Lavender salts and mix the water with your hand. The temperature of the water should exceed the temperature of the body! It is good for the salts to dissolve well in the water, so put them in the water. Decorate your bathroom with lavender blossoms or aromatic candle Lavender. Release relaxing music. Immerse yourself for 15-20 minutes, do not overdo it! When you come out, wrap yourself with a towel or a cotton robe. Wait for the moisture itself to get into the skin.

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