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Model: Refreshing Aromatic Herbal Pillow Big
REFRESHING AROMATIC HERBAL PILLOWThe cushion is composed of different herbs grown in the rose valley of Bulgaria.Leaves of balm - to overcome depressions and melancholymint leaves - refreshes and strengthens attention and memory.lavender blossoms - facilitates concentrationrose blossoms - ..
Model: Refreshing Aromatic Herbal Pillow
REFRESHING AROMATIC HERBAL PILLOWThe revelator is composed of dried leaves of common balm leaves, mint leaves, lavender blossoms, rose blossoms. The aroma of herbs helps to refresh and intensify attention and memory. Stimulates mental abilities and facilitates concentration. It stimulates, elevates ..
Model: Relaxing Aromatic Herbal Pillow Big
RELAXING AROMATIC HERBAL PILLOWDo you feel tense and exhausted at the end of the day? Problems with work, kids, colleagues – all of these puts additional pressure on you. You have to go through various situations each day and you end up not being able to sleep as a result of tension and excitement. ..
Model: Relaxing Aromatic Herbal Pillow
RELAXING AROMATIC HERBAL PILLOWThe pillow is made up of an old recipe for a relaxed sleep. In it there are stalks of mountain thyme, roots of valerian, lavender color. It is suitable for insomnia, nervous anxiety, overwork, headache, mental irritation. Natural aromatic herbs help reduce high blood p..
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