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Model: Skin Care Set With Rose
SKIN CARE COSMETIC SET WITH ROSEIngredients: Day Cream Rose and Shea, Night Cream Posture and Shea and Hand Cream Rose and Shea.Moisturizing day / night cream with Shea butter rejuvenates the elasticity of the skin, has a soothing and deeply moisturizing effect. Absorbs very well in the skin without..
Model: Hydrating Cream Rose Shea
HYDRATING SERIES CREAMS FOR VINE SKIN "ROSE AND SHEET / CARRIES"The set contains: Rose and Shia Day Cream, Rose and Shia Night Cream and Rose and Shea Cream. Series creams with natural rose water and natural plant emollients. Shea butter replaces the elasticity of the skin, has a soothing and deeply..
Model: White rose and Shea Hydrating set
HYDRATING SET CREAMS OF WHITE ROSE AND SHEYThe set contains: White Rose Rose and Shea Day Cream, White Rose White Night Cream and Shea and Hand Cream White Rose White Rose and Shea. Moisturizing series of creams is with natural plant emollients, and with a soft and tender aroma of White Rose. Shea b..
Model: Lavender Shea Hydrating Creme Set
HYDRATING SET CREAMS "LAVENDULA AND SHE"The set contains: Day Cream Lavender and Shea, Night Cream Lavender and Shea, Hand Cream Lavender and Shea. Hydrating series of creams with natural plant emollients - shea butter and lavender, soothes and nourishes the skin. Essential oil helps penetrate the a..
Model: Honey and Shea Nourishing Creme Set
SUPPORTING SERIES CREAMS FOR DRY SKIN HONEY AND SHE The set contains; Day Cream Honey and She, Night Cream Honey and She and Hand Cream Honey and She. The series is suitable for dry and exhausted skin. Nourishing cream creams are with natural plant emollients - honey, beeswax, shea butter, grap..
2-3 Days
Model: Spa Set Plus Towel
SPA SET ROSEThe set includes: Shampoo Rose + Shea - for painted and exhausted hair 250 ml.Shower gel Rose + Shea for body and face - moisturizing 250 ml.Towel 30/30 ROSE VALLEY in cellophane cloth.Shampoo ROSE saturates your hair with a dose of scent, gently cleanses it and leaves it shiny..
Model: Spa set Rose
SPA SET WITH BULGARIAN ROSE.The set contains: massage soap rose 60 g bath tube 110 g aromatic floating candle 40 gGlycerin soap is suitable for massage thanks to its specific shape. To use it, moisten the skin of the rhinestone, take the soap and also soak it. With light movements you will be able t..
Model: Time for SPA Set
SPA "ROSE TIME" SETThe set contains: Shower Gel and Massage Oil with Rose and Shea / KarateMoisturizing shower gel with natural rose water and Shea butter cleanses the skin deeply, creating a feeling of silky tenderness. Thanks to the soft foam included, it provides quick and easy washing of the bod..
Model: Spa Set White Rose
SPA SET "TENDERNESS"The set includes: Candle of white rose, with rose aroma and vanilla 200 g, decorated with a dry color of White Oil Rose. The candle is in a cardboard box. Time does not burn 36 hours.Tonic with rose water and glycerin in a pack of 100 ml. with spray.Glycerin soap in the shap..
Model: Good Morning Rose Set
SPA SET - UTROThe set includes:Rose candle in a cardboard box 200 g with a rose oil aroma, with built-in dry colors of Bulgarian rose oil (rosa damascena Mill). The candle burns for 36 hours. Suitable as a unique Bulgarian gift or for your own use.Rose water 100 ml. (spray) is obtained by water-stea..
2-3 Days
Model: Four Seasons Spa Set
SPA SET FOUR SEASONSThe FOUR SEASON soap series bring into your home four different scents, four different soaps, four different natural pictures.SPRING - colorful, green and fresh.SUMMER - hot, fiery, fiery red.AUTUMN - colorful and golden,WINTER - chilly and clean.With natural ingredients, glyceri..
Model: Spa Set Romance
SPA SET ROMANTICThe set includes: Bath salts ROSE 150 g in a cardboard box.Glycerin soap in the form of Rose color 30gr.Glycerin soap Rose tile 60 gEnjoy an aromatic bath full of delight.Directions: In order to dissolve the salts well, you should put them in the top of the bath. Salts should no..
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