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Model: Natural Set Lavender
NATURAL SET LAVENDERThe set contains:Bath salts with lavender essential oil and Pomorie lye 100g.Dry Lavender blossoms (Lavandula angustifolia) 5 g,Perfume essence Lavender 2 ml.Fragrances have a specific effect on the condition of the body and the spirit. They can help you quickly recover..
Model: Natural Rose Set
NATURAL ROSE SETThe set contains:Bath salts Rose with rose essential oil and Pomar lye 100 grams.Fragrances have a specific effect on the condition of the body and the spirit. They can help you quickly recover your strength after a tense and stressful day! The salts with pink essential oil and Pomor..
Model: Massage Rose Oil 10 ml
Pure Bulgarian essential oil derived from the Damascena rose and 100% natural base oils from grape seeds, apricot nuts and jojoba, enriched with Vitamin E. Rose oil gives a sense of comfort, tenderness and sensitivity. It stimulates skin regeneration on a cellular level and enhances energy protectio..
Model: Lavender Bat Salts Pack 250 gr
SALTS FOR BATH WITH LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL AND POMORIAN LUGGAGEThe 250 g bath tubs are suitable for two body bathtubs and five baths for the feet. Fill the tub with warm water and pour the required amount of salt. Stir until complete dissolution. Immerse yourself for 15-20 minutes. Lavender essentia..
Model: Natural White Rose Set
NATURAL WHITE ROSE SETThe set contains:Bath salts with aroma of white rose and Pomorie lye 100 gDry rose blossoms of white oil-bearing rose Alba (Rosa alba L.) 5 g,Perfume essence with a delicate aroma of White Rose 2 ml.Use: Fill the bathtub with warm water. Pour salt, stir..
Model: Rose Face Night Cream
Night Cream With Rose Oil From Bulgarian Rose Valley And Oil From Grape SeedsFor silky soft skinNatural cream, enriched with rose oil and grape seeds. The active ingredients from rose oil and vitamin D improve the skin’s regenerating mechanisms and contribute to stimulating skin elasticity and fresh..
Model: Scented Candle Pine With Long Base
Aromatherapy with PineScented candle with natural pine blossoms and fragrance. This candle will bring a bit of the fragrances of the Bulgarian Rose Valley into your home. It will fill it up with the pleasant, refreshing aroma of pine essential oil.ATTENTION: Keep out of the reach of children! Never ..
Model: Juniper Bat Salts Pack 250 gr
Bath salt with Juniper essential oil,  juniper fruits and Pomorie Black Sea Lye.The juniper bath salts have strong, analgesic and antiphlogistic effect. The juniper bath salts help the fight against cellulite and toxins by improving the metabolism deep in the skin. The juniper bath salts are no..
Model: Pain Relieve Body Oil 10 ml
PAIN-RELIEVING BODY OIL WITH ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILSBiologicamente puri oli essenziali Bulgari ottenuti da Rosa damascena, Rosmarino, Menta, Basilico e 100 % oli naturali di base, arricchiti di vitamina E. L’olio ha un effetto antidolorifico e calmante. This kind of oil will help you overcome headach..
Model: Scented Candle Peppermint With Base
DECORATIVE AROMATIC CANDLE PEPPERMINTScented mint candle - with peppermint essential oil on a stand. Mint oil stimulates the mind, increases concentration and purifies the air in the room. In addition, the combination of the green candle color and the yellow color of the flame is a symbol of money a..
Model: Soap Set With Candle
The set contains two glycerin soaps and a floating candle. The set is in natural motifs in a box.Nature is around us. Take advantage of its properties. The excellent properties of glycerin soaps have a proven effect. A floating candle is a beautiful decoration for your bathroom.Fill a bowl with wate..
Model: Tonic With Glycerin And Natural Rose Water
Tonic with natural Bulgarian rose water and glycerin - natural derived from the distillation of the Bulgarian oleaginous rose (Rosa Damascena Mill).Purpose:1.Cleans and refreshes your skin.2. Improves blood circulation and preserves the water  balance of the face skin.3.Can be used for all body..
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