Lavender - natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant and detoxicant agent

Bulgaria is the new world leader in production of lavender. Bulgaria is already ahead of France's number one producer in the world of essential lavender oil.

In its report for 2011, the French manufacturer of perfumes "Eliksans" (Elixens) confirms that Bulgaria was the first in the world with 45 tons of lavender oil, while France has produced 25-30 tons. Both countries provide 75% of world production.

In our first lavender is grown in Rose Valley, in 1907. Since then himself made numerous studies of how the processing and creation of new varieties of lavender now is the most prosperous culture. Our lavender oil is produced by controlled mixing of oils of different varieties of lavender. In Bulgaria they are named: Friendship, Hemus, Heber, Heaven Seuthopolis, Jubilee and more. They differ in the extraction of essential oil, a "good nose" and recognize it as quality.

Lavender oil is an essential raw material in perfumery products because successfully connects with the outer base notes to create fragrances. It has long been proven that works beautifully against insomnia, anxiety, depression, bad mood and fatigue. In modern offices, where many people refreshing the air with lavender oil decreases the proliferation of viruses.

An interesting study of Japanese found that use of lavender oil as air fresheners in stores increased sales. The explanation is that inspired flavor allows people to shop with ease and pleasure.

So, at home or at work, everyone should have on the miraculous and fragrant liquid called oil of lavender or enjoy a relaxing massage with massage oils containing lavender.

Fragrant and beautiful, soft and mysterious, lavender has been a constant companion in everyday life - natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant and detoxicant agent.

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