Mint refreshes you in summer and warms you in winter – it is one of the most pleasant and famous herbs. Moreover, it is widely used in households and in cosmetics. Mint is a herbaceous multi-year plant and has been known for its scent since ancient times. It is one of the most used herbs due to its various favorable effects. Ancient Roman people used it to aromatize their party halls because they thought that mint stimulates brain functions and improves memory.

One of the uses of mint is that of table tea. It is very useful in the autumn-winter season. Cold mint tea is a great refreshing drink for hot summer days. On the other hand, warm mint tea is a perfect way to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling when you have eaten too much.

In local medicine mint is considered to be very appropriate for curing vertigo, insomnia, headaches, depression, epilepsy. Decoctions from mint leaves are used in cases of strong excitement, swollen tooth-gums and toothaches. Gargles with mint are also very popular since mint neutralizes bad breadth.

Mint oil is used against vertigo, stomach-aches, formation of gas. It soothes spasms in the digestive tracts and stimulates appetite. It is important that mint oil is taken in small dozes. Mint oil has a favorable effect on many diseases related to stomach problems. Inhaling mint oil is useful in the event of problems with the nerve system, shock, exhaust and swollen sinuses.

Not only are mint oil massages very pleasant, but they also help in the event of headaches, migraine, cold and exhaust.  Adding a few drops of mint essential oilsmay immediately relief your clogged nose when the weather is cold.

Bath salts with mint essential oils have a relaxing impact both for the body and soul. Due to their magnificent scent they can also help stimulate brain functions. As far as skin care is concerned, salts help cure various skin diseases like acne for example. They also remove bad body smell and have a disinfection effect.

The aromatized mint candle will help you relax at the end of a long exhausting day at work and will make you feel that you are among nature.

The ancient Roman scientist Plineus(23-79 AD) wrote that the scent of mint stimulates brain activities and sharpens your senses. As a result Roman students brought buckets of mint branches during their school activities.