Juniper is a coniferous tree and bush. It is most famous for its cones which contain essential aromatized oils.

Juniper has a lot of curing qualities and is widely used in the national medicine. When used as a decoction, it has a diuretic and disinfection  impact over urinary vessels and kidney stones. Juniper relieves aches in the stomach and the intestine. Its leaves are recommended for inhalations in the events of asthma or bronchitis. In premises, where many people are situated in one place (i.e. offices), juniper leaves may be used to remove negative energy. It is proved that essential volatile juniper influence preserves clean air by removing various types of microorganisms, inferior fungi and one-cell organisms.

Juniper bath salts in domestic conditions will relieve tension and remove the feeling of anxiety. They have a favorable effect on skin, especially greasy skin with acne. These salts help fight cellulites and toxins by improving the body substance circulation deep inside the skin.

Juniper oil is used to massage joints in the events of rheumatic diseases. It has a strong cleaning and energizing action which makes it a very good massage substance due to its abilities to remove toxins. When used in aromatherapy juniper oil is an excellent mean for mental and spiritual purification. On the other hand, the anti-cellulites juniper soap will contribute for your self-confidence to a great extent.