After its cultivation from a wild bush following the skills to exempt fragrant rose products. These skills have spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and India. Information from the Sanskrit literature proves that ancient Indian people knew the secret of distillation. According to other sources the rose water was a desired and almost mandatory tax in the treasuries of many Bagdad caliphs.

The valuable qualities of the rose water and oil were found and used in ancient times for medical purposes and cosmetics. In his “Iliad” Homer depicts how Hector was anointed with rose oil. This was a privilege of heroes and wealthy citizens only.

According to explorers of the rose and its products it has a humanizing effect. Ladies from the region of Kazanlak believed that their faces glowed when they sprinkled some drops of rose water in the morning. 

As far as the rose’s unique scent is concerned, it is priceless.

Have you ever tried to light an aromatized rose candle at the end of an exhausting day when you thought that you had pushed yourself to the limit?

How about taking a long and hot bath with aromatized rose blossom which float ant tickle your senses?

The scent of passion, magnificent, effeminate, perfect! Descriptions which may seduce you.

The queen of scents! This is how our rose is called and it is not a coincidence that it has deserved this recognition.
The rose – a symbol of beauty, love and victory.